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The Warranty Repairs covered under the conditions of this warranty must be performed by an authorized King Son Distributor, Dealer, 3rd party service agent.

The authorized King Son Distributor, Dealer, 3rd party service agent is the company to hire for large projects like:

  • Retrofits and repair of refrigeration and control systems
  • Moving used and existing chambers
  • Large installation projects (walk-ins, refrigeration piping)
  • Temperature Test Plates
  • Walk-In Room, Chambers, and many others

Servicing Environmental Chambers is a 3rd party service agent’s specialty.

The 3rd party service agent is dedicated to on-site service, assuring your company of quick response and the flexibility to juggle priorities. 

The key features of King Son test chamber repair services include:

  • Emergency on-call service
  • Highly competitive turnaround time and rates
  • Experienced and qualified technicians to work on test equipment.
  • Preventative maintenance to keep your chambers in tip-top shape.
  • Service contracts for on-going support
  • On-call 24-7 support

King Son appoints and authorizes King Son Distributor, Dealer, 3rd party service agent to offers three types of service for environmental test chambers:

  1. Third Party or Direct On-Site Service
    • Under contract and control of the chamber owner
    • Preferable special needs such as multiple units from different suppliers.
  2. Major Retrofit Services
    • Update to non-CFC refrigerants
    • Upgrade to a modern controller
  3. Contract On-Site Service for the OEM Chamber Supplier
    • Work done under contract and control from the oven or chamber manufacturer.
    • Always necessary for warranty repairs
    • Desirable for newer equipment to tap the knowledge of the oven or chamber supplier.

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