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Korean perilla leaves
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Korean perilla leaves

Korean perilla leaves

  • Perilla frutescens, commonly called perilla or Korean perilla, is a species of Perilla in the mint family Lamiaceae. It is an annual plant native to Southeast Asia and Indian highlands, and is traditionally grown in the Korean peninsula, Southern China, Japan and India as a crop. It is an aromatic plant with a strong minty smell. Various perilla varieties are traditionally used by local people, the leaves are used as a vegetable and the seeds supply nutritious cooking oil.
  • Korean perilla leaves or sometimes referred to as Korean sesame leaves, even though they aren’t related to the sesame plant. They are common in Korea, but not in Japan. And the same is true in the reverse for shiso leaves that are more common in Japan.
  • Korean perilla leaves make a handsome garnish for Korean dish, are enjoyed with kimchi, grilled meats. Korean perilla leaves are indispensable in Korean cuisine, that need to be planted for 2 months. Because Korean perilla leaves are rich in iron ingredients benefitted for health, Korean women takes it when delivered baby. However, the shelf life of Korean perilla leaves are very short, therefore, the current market price in Taiwan is quite high, 1kg selling for 32 USD (1000 NTD, New Taiwan Dollars).
  • The shelf life that Korean perilla leaves keep in refrigerator is about one week.
  • Cultivates and plants Korean perilla leaves in greenhouse.
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  • Korean perilla leaves make a handsome garnish for Korean dish, and are used to roll up grilled meats enjoyed with kimchi.
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  • Arugula (American English) or rocket (British English) is an edible annual plant in the family Brassicaceae used as a leaf vegetable for its fresh, tart, bitter, and peppery flavor.
  • Arugula or rocket aren’t related to the sesame plant leaves, but it has a scent similar to sesame leaves, and the price is cheaper.
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The appearances that Korean perilla leaves after harvested.
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When Korean perilla leaves Keeps at -0.3℃/31.46°F, it will freeze and change to black color to inedible.
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When keeps in refrigerator, due to too much low humidity, there are black spots appear on Korean perilla leaves.
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When keeps in King Son Convertible IFP Sub Chiller even at 2℃/35.60°F constant temperatures, it is still too low temperature for Korean perilla leaves.
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When keeps at 4℃/39.20°F, without humidity and package, there are black spots appear on Korean perilla leaves.
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The constant temperature and humidity conditions to preserve Korean perilla leaves
  • The effects to preserve Korean perilla leaves at different temperatures conditions
    • 0°C/32.00°F: This is for lettuce preservation condition, but this temperature will freeze Korean perilla leaves to inedible.
    • 2°C/35.60°F: When keeps in this condition, the black spots will appear quickly on the surface of Korean perilla leaves.
    • 4°C/39.20°F: When keeps in this condition, the black spots will gradually appear on the surface of Korean perilla leaves, even that the black spot growing speed is slower than at 2°C/35.60°F.
    • 6.5°C/43.70°F: It is a commercialized operation temperature used by Tainan growers that can preserve Korean perilla leaves up to 21 days.
6.5°C/43.70°F, 30 days, unsealed plastic packaging box, storage in the carton
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  • Korean perilla leaves have better storage conditions and effects when stored in the carton, due to carton’s anti-collision protection.  
  • When packed sealed completely, the evaporation moisture of Korean perilla leaves cannot be discharged that will advert the storage effects.
  • When packed sealed completely, put papers in the carton to abort the released evaporation moistures from Korean perilla leaves that will lead to too much dry in the carton that will reduces the shelf life of.
  • When keep it in such conditions at 6.5 °C/43.70°F, without special cares (flip, water spray), the ideal storage time is 1 month [completely flawless is 21 days], after that the black spots or wrinkles will begin to appear.
  • Try to use the fruit and vegetable storage bag – Gift, which is developed by the Taiwan Plastic Center, that will automatically discharge the evaporation moisture, the preservation effect is very good, however, it will cost 1.60 USD (New Taiwan Dollar, 50 NTD) per bag, and the capacity is also limited.