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Temperature calibration

Sensor Temperature Calibrator

Sensor Temperature Calibrator

  • There are 8 temperature sensors installed in King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller, each temperature sensor has calibrated and deviation offset by the professional Sensor Temperature Calibrator to meet JTM05 standards. Therefore, King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller can precisely control the operating temperature by increment gradient unit 0.1℃/0.18℉, that produce temperature fluctuation only ±0.3℃/0.54℉, instead of such unacceptable large temperature fluctuations either 1℃/33.80℉ to 3℃/37.40℉ or 1℃/33.80℉ to 6℃/42.80℉.

Picture 2: Sensor Temperature Calibrator
  • Most current designs in traditional refrigerator and freezer rely on vapor-compression systems that are turned on or off at high and low set points, resulting in temperature fluctuations that exceed the recommended variation of ±5℃/9℉.