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Pig Dance Flower
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Pig Dance Flower

Tainan [Pig Dance Flower] Korean Barbecue Restaurant

  • Tainan [Pig Dance Flower] Korean Barbecue Restaurant is the first Korean style aged pork barbecue specialty restaurant in Taiwan.
  • In order to enter to Korean style barbecue restaurant market in Taiwan, the owner went to South Korea to learn how to make new generation Korean barbecue cuisine in 2014.  
  • Pig Dance Flower provides foodies with aged pork and emphasizes the meat taste of aged pork without the need for pickling or seasoning.
  • The main food material used to make Korean style barbecue pork gourmet is aged pork, not aged beef.
  • The business philosophy that [Pig Dance Flower] cherished is to let the foodie in Tainan has great opportunity to taste the best aged pork barbecue.
  • In order to provide the highest quality aged pork, the owner spent half a year visiting many pig farms in Taiwan, searching for the best pork meat sources suitable for Korean style barbecue in Taiwan.
  • The gourmet store - [Pig Dance Flower] opened in 2015 and officially launched Korean-style dry aged pork barbecue to Tainan foodie.
  • The advantages that [Pig Dance Flower] used King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller is to perform aged pork 3, 4 days or even one week for Korean style barbecue cuisine.
  • Now, the general practice that Korean barbecue restaurant did is to thaw the frozen pork at 0 degrees, and then provide that for consumer barbecue after a while, but this will run out a lot of blood, juice from thawed pork and the quality of each process is also unstable.
  • King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller is the only one solution available right now to offer [Pig Dance Flower] with Superchilling to thaw frozen pork with limited blood/juice loss and then transfer to aging process in the same machine.
  • Aging is a method for improving tenderness of fresh meat by postmortem proteolysis. During the conversion of muscle to meat, muscles undergo rigor mortis that results in the increase in toughness of meat. However, rigor mortis can be resolved by degradation of myofibrillar and cytoskeletal proteins in meat by proteinases such as calpain, caspase, cathepsin, and proteasome while aging, which can improve the meat tenderness. Moreover, aging has an impact on the generation of desirable meat flavor as the composition and content of various flavor precursors in meat changes with aging.
  • In addition to the aged pork quality change, the offensive odor or taste of pork will be reduced, however, when using refrigerator, the bad taste of pork will appear in 3 days.
  • To aged pork is more difficult than to age beef, since initial freezing temperature for pork is -1°C/30.20°F, higher than beef -1.7°C/28.94°F to -2.2°C/28.04°F.
  • Recommended aging temperature: -0.8 °C/30.56℉, the aging temperature (conditions) used for raw fish flesh/sashimi (salmon, squid, swordfish, etc.), poultry (chicken), livestock meat (beef, pork and WAGYU beef), beverages (tea, coffee, wine).
  • Dry aging has an advantage of generating unique and distinct flavors such as brown-roasted flavors. dry-aged pork has higher palatability than wet-aged pork. the effect of dry aging on the quality of pork, especially pork cuts which contains relatively low intramuscular fat.
  • It is well known that muscle is converted to meat as food during postmortem aging. Meat flavor as well as texture are improved during postmortem aging. The improvement of meat taste in flavor is involved in the increase in free amino acids and peptides in meats during postmortem aging. Especially, the increase in free amino acids is thought to contribute to the enhancement of brothy taste including umami, while the increase in peptides is responsible for giving mildness. The increase in peptides is caused by the action of cathepsins B and L, and calpains on muscle proteins, while the increase in free amino acids is caused by the action of aminopeptidases C, H and P on the peptides during postmortem aging.
[Pig Dance Flower] aging process: [the lowest layer of the Chiller is for thawing → the middle two layers for wet aging → the upper layer is for dry aging]

Aging pork belly

Aged pork ribs

Aging marble pork meat