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Aged beef pairing with flavor salts

Aged beef pairing with flavor salts

iChilling dry aged beef steak pairing with different flavor salts
What is iChilling dry aged beef?

  • The iChilling dry aged beef is processed in King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller by King Son Constancy IFP Chilling Technology between 0 °C/32.00℉ and initial freezing point of beef in uniform conditions and environments, with temperature fluctuations ± 0.3°C/0.54°F and humidity fluctuations ±5% that produces unique dry aging beef aroma and flavor.
  • It is unforgettable for anyone who has eaten roasted dry aged beef steak. In addition to the chef's special sauces, the most traditional way to eat it is to taste the steak seasoned with flavor salts. The salts, besides it can enhance the flavor of the steak and cover the coke bitterness produced in the barbecue toasted process, that also certain salts contain trace elements, which can make the steak taste tenderness when chewing, or remove itself bitterness taste of the beef fat [e.g. potassium].
  • The flavor salts that used to season the steak, in addition to rose salts, French salts, actually, there are a lot of flavor salts to choose from. Now there are Tainan, Chiayi flower salts available, which are produced in Taiwan locally. The dry-aged 42-day roasted steak can be served with different flavors salts that there will be a different taste experiences, presented in the mouth of the steak artisans.
Taste the flavor of salts
  • Put the sea salts on the tongue and let it melt slowly. The tongue can feel the flavor change of the salt itself that convert slowly from salty → alcoholic → sweet → sour → bitter → spicy, hidden flavor.
 The flavor introduction of salt trace elements
  • When you buy a can of mineral salt or sea salt, on the packaging label of the back of the can that will indicate the nutrients of the salt. In addition to the calories and fats that you are familiar with, there are more sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron etc., and other trace elements, the property and composition ratio of these trace elements will affect the taste of the salt. Hereby summarize the taste of these trace elements for reference.
    • Sodium: a little spicy except salty
    • Potassium: A little bubbles taste with sour and astringent other than salty
    • Calcium sulfate: sweet and astringent taste
    • Calcium chloride: strong bitterness taste
    • Magnesium chloride: sweet mellow, slightly bitter taste
    • Magnesium sulfate: the astringent and bitter taste
    • Iron: rust and astringency taste
The main composition elements of seawaters

Commercial sea salts nutrition elements

Mineral salts nutrition elements

The effects comparison of different salts on the flavor of dry aged beef steak
  • Different flavor salts are paired with roasted 42-day dry aged rib-eye steak to compare the flavor differences, and high lights which salt can be used to season the flavor characteristics of dry aged beef steak better.
  • The taste comparison table between Different flavor salts paired with roasted 42-day dry aged beef steak
  • Overall taste comparison, that red wine salts and kelp salts are best suited to paired with dry-aged beef steak.
  • The pairing priority order of flavor salts to dry aged beef steak: red wine salts > kelp salts >truffle salts > Chiayi Salt Flower>Tainan Salt Flower > Kirkland Signature Mediterranean Sea Salts (Cosco) > vanilla salt.
Flavor salts introduction
Chiayi Salt Flower
  • Chiayi Salt Flower produced in 300-year-old Taiwan Chiayi salt field that harvested in spring. Chiayi Salt Flower has a low saltiness, rich multi-layered taste of returning sweet, with the trace of sweet-scented osmanthus, which is very suitable for pairing with meat ingredients foods.

Tainan Salt Flower
  • Tainan Salt Flower produced in Taiwan's oldest surviving Tainan North Gate Well Foot salt field, which leads the pure water from the North Gate Lagoon, is rich in salty and sweet. Consumers can taste Tainan Salt Flower directly and notice the sweetness of the salts itself, in addition to pair with the meat ingredients foods, it is very suitable for application on the salt cup.

Natural red wine crystal salts
  • The Natural red wine crystal salts are produced in cooling drying, and which is made of one-year French sea salts soaked in the red wine. Its color is pink with red wine aroma, and the meat quality will be obviously tenderness, when it is chewed with the steak. However, it should be noted that the red wine salts are easy to be damp and must be preserved well.

Kelp salts
  • A processed salt made from kelp, produced in Hokkaido, Japan, smells like a marine atmosphere.

Truffle salts
  • Truffle salts is made up of black truffles, sea salt, rock salt, etc. Depending on the variable manufacturer’s process, the characteristics and taste of truffle salts are unique. The photo shows Italian Trader Joe's black truffle salt; its ingredients property is a summer black truffle with a Himalayan rock salt.

Other special flavor sea salts