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Constancy Precision Refrigeration

Constancy Precision Refrigeration Preservation Technology

King Son Convertible IFP Food-Tech Chamber product family series is a new refrigeration and food preservation solution for the modern IoT era. It is incorporated with A7 Intelligent Foodtech Controller and designed with Constant Temperature and Humidity Multiple Points Monitoring and Servo Control Technology, Cascade Refrigeration Technology to research, develop and perform 3 novel next generation refrigeration technologies –
  • King Son Constancy Precision Refrigeration Technology, between 0°C/32.00°F to 6°C/42.80°F
  • King Son Constancy IFP Chilling Technology, between 0°C/32.00°F and above Initial Freezing Point (IFP) of food
  • King Son Constancy IFP Superchilling Technology, -1.5°C/29.30°F to -2°C/28.40°F, below Initial Freezing Point of food
King Son Convertible IFP Food-Tech Chamber product family series is an IoT machine which incorpoarates Cloud - based IoT Health Check APP System for remote distance servicing and collaboration – thus helping build new partnership opportunities through IoT ecosystem.
King Son Constancy Precision Refrigeration Technology is a novel generation FoodTech after traditional refrigeration and freezing for food process and preservation between 0°C/32.00°F to 6°C/42.80°F in controlled constant temperature and humidity conditions, with temperature fluctuation ±0.3°C/0.54°F and humidity fluctuation ±5%.
King Son Constancy Precision Refrigeration Technology is applicable and available to meet when planning conditions for long term preservation a temperature difference of no more than 1°C/32.80°F in the circulating air should be aimed at, together with a short-term fluctuation of less than 0.5℃/32.90℉.
The consequence of fluctuations in temperature often cause condensation or moisture on preservation products, which is undesirable because it may favor the growth of microorganisms, in the case of fruits and vegetables, the growth of mold and the development of decay.
King Son Constancy Precision Refrigeration Technology application process
  • Keep freshness
  • Preservation
Optimum Preservation Conditions for high value crops
  • The recommended conditions for commercial preservation of asparagus are 0°C/32.00°F to 2°C/35.6℉ (32 to 36°F) with 95 to 99% RH, yielding 14 to 21 days of preservation life. Maintaining a low storage temperature is critical to delay senescence, tissue toughening, and flavor loss. High RH is essential to prevent desiccation and to maintain freshness.
  • Truffles can be kept in good condition for 20 to 30 days at 0°C/32.00°F with 90% to 95% RH. Preservation life is slightly reduced at 5℃/41.00℉. Attention must be paid to fluctuation of the refrigeration temperature around 0°C/32.00°F that could freeze truffles and completely destroy their texture.
  • Ginseng should be preserved at 0°C/32.00°F with 95% RH or higher. Roots retain good quality for 2 months at 0°C/32.00°F.
The Commercial Storage of Fruits, Vegetables, and Florist and Nursery Stocks