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  • What is Initial Freezing Point (IFP)

    Initial Freezing Point (IFP) is the temperature at which a liquid freezes or becomes solid: the freezing point of water is 32°F or 0°C...more
  • Economic value of temp. ranges, 0°C to above (IFP) of food

    Preserve fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish at a little below 0°C - but above the initial freezing point – without freezing is so called Constancy IFP Chilling, gives food maximum shelf life...more
  • EC Marketing Regulation, Fresh poultry definition, -2°C to +4°C

    EC Marketing Regulation 1234/2007, Fresh poultry is defined as that which has been kept at temperatures between -2°C and +4°C...more
  • What is aging

    Aging is a process that meat itself through the interactions between natural enzymes and external microbes to break down the connective tissue within the muscle so the meat becomes more tender, improve meat tenderness, flavor and juicy...more

  • USA aged Meat Claims

    Claims Relating to Aged Meat Products Characteristics
    02-32806 United States Standards for Livestock and Meat Marketing Claims...more
  • Dry-aging beef timeline charts reference

    Reference timeline charts the changes that occur during dry-aging...more
  • Dry aged beef process parameters reference

    Dry aged beef process parameters reference ...more
  • Effects of wet and dry ageing

    Factors affecting flavour in beef.
    A literature review, with recommendations for the British beef industry on how flavour can be controlled...more
  • What is superchilling?

    The term ‘superchilling’, also called partial freezing, light freezing, and deep chilling, which is used to describe a food process and conservation method, where the outer layer, about 10% - 30% of the product's water content is frozen...more
  • What is ice crystal

    When food cooled down in the process of freezing, the water inside the food appears water icing phenomenon, that is, the so-called ice crystal...more
  • USA poultry meat kept above -3.3°C marketed as ‘fresh’

    When food cooled down in the process of freezing, the water inside the food appears water icing phenomenon, that is, the so-called ice crystal. The food temperature ranges between -1 °C to -5 °C is the most likely to grow ice crystal...more

  • Superchilling employed on poultry with success in USA

    The product is seldom referred to as super-chilled, since legally in the USA poultry meat kept above -3.3°C can be marketed as ‘fresh’ (US Poultry products inspection regulations 9CFR381)...more

  • Superchilling temperature does not fall below -2℃

    It has also been reported that, in order to avoid the influence of low quality in the superchilled food, it is necessary to have the degree of superchilling between 5% and 30% inside the products ...more

  • Frisbee European Project

    The Frisbee project is a European Union funded 4-year Project to provide new tools, concepts and solutions for improving refrigeration technologies along the European food cold chain....more