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Dry aging tuna

King Son Dry aging tuna

Dry aging tuna above initial freezing point (IFP)

Thru constant dry aging process and technology to age and preserve tuna above initial freezing point, that removes lactic acid (sour flavor) from tuna flesh – tuna produces lactic acid just because of the intense struggle when being caught, and also through tuna its own enzyme decomposes muscle fibers to convert protein into amino acids (sweet). During dry aging process, the water in the tuna evaporates to concentrate its essence. King Son dry aging technology can preserve tuna flesh very well, but also perform the dry aging effects to enhance flavor and sweetness of flesh, which lower the use volume of seasoning, benefiting to consumer eating more delicious and healthy sashimi.  
The tuna appearance by traditional Japan’s aging process.
Tuna after done by traditional Japan’s aging process, the texture of fish flesh itself will slowly begin to oxidize, through the aging process, the internal fat distribution of flesh is more uniform, the tendons are broken down easily to eat, however, the weight loss is significantly, 10 kg tuna after process by traditional aging, which only 6 kg left for edible, 4 kg is drying loss due to water evaporation in traditional aging, it’s very pity.
Traditional Japan’s dry aging Time:
  • Traditional Japan thawing aging: 2 days, 3 days
  • CHU-TORO: 4 days, 7 days, 8 days, 10 days
  • Maximum 14 days
Improving solution:
0~-2.2℃, Tuna’s Initial Freezing Point: -2.2℃
-0.8±0.3℃/85%R.H., Tuna dry aging temperature and humidity: -0.8±0.3℃/85%R.H.
King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller is incorporated with A7 Intelligent Foodtech Controller and designed in Constant Temperature and humidity multiple points monitor, and servo control technology, that can age tuna at low temperature above initial freezing and high humidity and control temperature fluctuation at ±0.3 ℃, which produces more tenderness texture, aroma and much more sweetness and takes only 3 days to achieve maturation.
Tuna ages in King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller becoming tender, the unique sweetness increase and therefore feel the double flavor of tuna taste, which is the unique selling point for King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller.