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Optimized The Curing Processing Conditions and Environment

To have Vanilla pods with characteristic flavor, the most important thing is to master the temperature and humidity changes in the curing processing. King Son has designed a King Son Vanilla Curing Chamber with professional temperature and humidity control capabilities, that can simulates and generates the natural curing conditions for Vanilla pods in the chamber, [the convection heated air for Killing, precise constant temperature for Sweating & Fermentation, variable temperature to remove humidity (dehumidify) for Curing processing, day and night variable temperature for slow Drying, constant temperature for Conditioning and Ripening] that is not affected by the climate, making it easier for the craftsman to produce worldwide class high-quality Vanilla pods and its flavor.

Perform the curing processing in King Son Vanilla Curing Chamber, free the worries and impacts from rainy days, rainy season and monsoon, which avoids climate-related issues caused cured quality down, such as excessive humidity, mold, and low temperatures, etc.. The five stages of curing processing for Vanilla pods - [Killing, Sweating, Curing, Drying, Conditioning] can be done completely by one person.

The operation functions of King Son Vanilla Pods Curing Chamber can be setup for continuous (by the Program Link) or individual stage running,that perform Vanilla pods curing processing in each stage (Killing, Sweating, Curing, Drying, Conditioning) and visually display the processing temperature and humidity curves in each stage.

The Novel Design, A Very Unique, Distinctive Equipment for Vanilla Pods Curing Processing King Son Vanilla Curing Chamber standardize and commercialize the curing processing technology for cured Vanilla pods that contributes to the standardization of stable product quality, food safety, cost benefits, operation efficiency and easier use, such advantages meet the high-quality demands for conventional cured Vanilla pods, beneficial for retailing business development.

King Son Vanilla Curing Chamber

Precision Control Technology The Novel Design, A Very Unique, Distinctive Equipment for Vanilla Pods Curing Processing

King Son Vanilla Curing Chamber


To Cured Vanilla Pods by the Optimum Customization-Design Know How and Experiences, with King Son Advanced Curing Processing Technology

King Son has 35 years of laboratory product R&D know how and manufacturing experience in temperature and humidity environmental control equipment needed for Product Liability Testing. King Son applies such innovative technologies to design and manufacture King Son Vanilla Curing Chamber incorporated with advanced A7 Intelligent Food-Tech Controller and built -in a five-stage Curing Processing programs, i.e., Killing → Sweating → Curing → Drying → Conditioning (Ripening) to replace the tedious working flow and intensive labor loading in traditional Vanilla beans processing.
King Son Vanilla Curing Chamber is incorporated with 100 set of curing processing programs (included 7 sets default built-in and 93 sets can be setup and configured by the operator) for Professional Craftsman to curing processing Vanilla pods.

Computer, Workstation Web-Based Application and Mobile App Oriented Cloud RD Collaboration Platform and Solution

King Son Vanilla Curing Chamber not only is a curing processing equipment, also is a Cloud Based RD Collaboration Platform that provide King Son’s food tech partners both Computer, Workstation Web-Based Application and Mobile App Oriented Solutions to develop advanced curing processing technologies and treatments for new flavors.
King Son can and would like to collaborate and co-operate with flavor food tech partners to RD customization-design curing processing technologies for new flavor profile.